Renting a motor boat

Renting a motorboat will give you complete independence during your cruises with family or friends. Sail at sea for a day or maybe a week around the coast to make new discoveries. More informations discover the website Super Yacht Icon. A coastal license to rent a motor boat. You have a wide choice of destinations, it’s up to you to choose the one you like. By renting a motor boat, you will enjoy a simple, fast and comfortable navigation. To rent a motor boat, you have a wide choice in the semi-rigid version to enjoy water skis on a motor catamaran for a family cruise.

Renting between private individuals

An increasing number of owners are choosing to rent their boat from one private individual to another, whatever their size (from ship to owner) or type (semi-rigid, sailboat, catamaran…). The reasons are simple: owning a ship is expensive even though you only use it a few days a year, such as renting apartments or cars between private individuals, leasing ships between private individuals saves 30% on the purchase price of a traditional boat rental company, any private individual can rent his boat without having to be present, the district representative takes care of stock management, explains how the boat works and signs the contract in his place. After a boat rental involving private individuals, you can leave slowly to discover the Mediterranean.

Discover the Coast by boat

Cannes is well known as the ideal place to celebrate the art of theatre. But it should be noted that Cannes Bay has the most beautiful ships in the world to complete the show. If you are a sea enthusiast, you will find on this part of the French Riviera the very beautiful cruises in the Mediterranean through Cannes’ maritime transport services. During a weekend, discover the Lérins islands, already visible from the banks of the Croisette. If you prefer to develop your boat trip in Cannes, many transport companies on the Quai Laubeuf will not fail to offer you dream destinations to discover the Mediterranean from all angles. Understanding your own cruise usually requires the rental of a ship. It will therefore be up to you to choose the type of ship that suits you, needless to say, with reference to the distance you wish to travel and the number of passengers it may have to accommodate.

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