A boat trip on the French Riviera

A stay on the French Riviera cannot be complete without a short boat trip to the shores of the Mediterranean. If you are interested in this kind of adventure, it is not necessary to have a ship to enjoy the end of the Mediterranean Sea. You have the boat rental, then sail from Nice to Cannes via Monaco and pay fees adapted to your possibilities. Contact BlueWater for more informations.  You will be able to live this experience to the maximum by thinking only of your trip. Your rental agency takes care of everything, from your port of departure to the next destination, taking care to cover all authorizations related to a landing.

Boat rental between private individuals

Renting a boat between private individuals allows you to rent at a lower price. You will see boat rental ads between private individuals on the Internet. It is up to you to choose the boat that suits you best to return to the Côte d’Azur with your family and friends, in couple… You can therefore rent a motor boat, a yacht charter, a cartamaran or a sailboat.

Walks on the French Riviera

While staying in Nice, a walk on the French Riviera is always a classic not to be neglected for an unforgettable holiday. With Great Boat Rental, sail the Mediterranean Sea for a week’s cruise to discover Saint-Tropez, the seas of Port Cros and Porquerolles, Cannes and Monaco. There is something for everyone. Lovers of the sea will not see anywhere else the beauty and magnificent landscapes of Mediterranean cities and their mythical stories that have shaped the world. But this part of Europe is also home to the picturesque little villages around the islands, renowned for their sense of hospitality. As for shopping enthusiasts, they will find their happiness in the many shops in cities like Nice, Cannes and Monaco, capitals of style where you will find prestigious brands.